The Book of Humanity, by blillies

Chapter One: Tribes

The age of Man commences.
Early man sparsely populates the Earth.
Man gets organised and works out that being in a Tribe is a very wise choice; Man can catch bigger and tastier animals in a Tribe.
Later man decides to stick in Tribes made up of other monogamous breeding pairs, cultivating trust, promoting communication, leading to industrial and cultural innovation.
Organisation leads to increases in population.
Ancestral and genealogical tribes become bigger and bigger until the Large Scale Tribes are formed; Religion, Nation and Class.
These Tribes are built like the original Pyramidal Human Tribes with the majority of the Tribe at the base, a smaller group of the Tribe above these and a lone Chief at the point. These Tribes are structured to cope with large numbers of people, providing answers, identity and order in a rapidly advancing world.
The Large Scale Tribes are successful for a very long time, but they remain beyond their intended lifespan. The global Industrialisation of Nations causes rapid population growth and enormous demand for resources. Outmoded, but deeply woven into the fabric of Man, the Large Scale Tribes, Religion, Nation and Class, are used to justify global wars, catastrophic misdistributions of resource and gross acts of environmental and humanitarian negligence.

This time of global trauma is exacerbated by two Human Flaws:

Greed – natural, primal, evolutionary, but, utilised by a Chief or Superior Tribe Member in an outmoded Large Scale Tribe, greatly damaging.
Innate Innumeracy – though advanced, Man’s conscience simply cannot comprehend the meaning of millions and billions, and fractions of millions and billions. In of itself not a problem, but in relation to statements like ‘Tribal Death Toll In Foreign Land 200 000’ and ‘Charismatic Local Tribe Member Killed’, Tribes may only focus on their Local Tribe Member, rather than the incomprehensible number of Deceased Tribe Members on the far side of the Earth, resulting in a skewed perspective and an apathetic attitude towards the actions of the Tribal Chiefs. This is a natural, not an evil Human facet. What is evil is the exploitation of this natural Blind Eye by the Chiefs.

The combination of 1 and 2 within archaic Tribe Structures attempting to support a swollen population creates a volatile and highly reactive atmosphere. Into which two catalysts are introduced: HyperCapitalism and Internet.

Chapter Two: Nomads

With HyperCapitalism comes the introduction of many new Tribes – the Tribe who owns that object, the Tribe who lives in that area, the Tribe who wears that item. HyperCapitalism seems to be a new Large Scale Tribe, helpfully controlling and ordering Humanity.

It is soon revealed, however, to be a Frankenstein’s Monster built from the appendages of Religion (Idolatry and Worship), Nation (Ownership and Inheritance) and Class (Division and Hierarchy). It is not a new Large Scale Tribe at all. HyperCapitalism is a rebrand of the Old School. And its Tribal Chiefs are the same Chiefs from before. How did they do that?

Internet (given to Humanity for no cost at all), shakes the foundations of the Large Scale Tribes even more by improving communications, travel and access to knowledge.

Religious dogma is challenged by those who are enlightened.
National borders and identities are tested and diluted by mass migration.
Class is eroded by the better understanding of inequality and the eventual better distribution of wealth and resource.

Is this the mythical Human Tribe forming?
Sadly, No. The Human Tribe is found, like all the Large Scale Tribes, to be unrealistic and unsustainable (Remember human flaws 1 and 2? They still apply.)
But the reaction has still taken place, the catalysts have still worked. And the reaction is an irreversible one.
The actual physical matter of a Tribe is visualised thus:

Humans + Communication + Information = Tribe

With Humans able to travel the Earth easily and digitally, Communications speedy and efficient, and Information freely and quickly available, Tribes are able to form instantly and remotely. A Tribe can be formed without any of its members meeting (A Petition, A Kickstarter).
Rather than forming one Large Scale Tribe, hundreds of thousands of Micro Tribes are created and disbanded quicker and quicker, advancing one small cause at a time, bettering one small group each day.
Some Tribes endure, but most either fall apart quickly (having succeeded or failed) or become absorbed into the collective Ideals of every other Micro Tribe.
Man is an algal bloom of Physical, Idealogical and Cultural Nomads, free of old Tribal structures, empowered with the ease of Global movement, the flow of information, and the attrition of lies.

(The only Large Scale Tribes that endure are Apple Computers and Coca Cola.)

Humanity gets its final push. The inevitable change in the Climate causes 100% of the human population to evacuate the exposed parts of the planet, and make for the major cities, ending the Nomadic Chapter of Humanity.

Religion dies.
Nations dissolve.
Class is forgotten.
Chapter Three: Siphonophore

The Retiring is not sudden, but it is difficult. Cities have to evolve in unprecedented ways. The lessons learnt from the Ancient Cities of Singapore and Las Vegas are applied to all modern cities to support life in extreme and variable conditions. Apple Computers (by now a partnership in which every employee has a stake) builds the systems, Coca Cola (by now the internationally publicly owned Global Food Company) ensures even and fair food and water distribution among the island-like cities.

Man is still innately innumerate, but every Human knows that there are twelve Super Cities on Earth and that we were forced to retire here partly because of the mistakes of our forbears. The Cities are separate organisms which combine to make a larger organism. A Siphonophore.

We are still as fickle as ever, we still change Tribes quickly and frequently. Rather than weakening the Tribes, this broadens the experience and the understanding of Humans the World over.
This is called Education.
Humans are at their highest ever rate of literacy and numeracy.
Global population plateaus.
Stability and equality is reached for every human.
For now…


Whether the Siphonophore model of Humanity happens or is successful, only time will tell. We are, essentially, an innocent and vulnerable flock, darting around this planet, this star system, this galaxy. If something spooks our leaders, they will turn another way and we will charge, like lemmings, wherever we are led. We cannot possibly know what lies ahead – we can predict and wonder, but we cannot know. And the most dangerous Tribe of all is the Tribe who claims to know. They cannot know. They are claiming to know so that they can recruit you. Beware.

The Epilogue of the Book of Humanity will be about Chapter Three Hundred Thousand for the Book of Earth. When Man ceases to populate the Earth the Sun will burn on for millennia, the Universe will grow for billions of years, our stains cleansed, our chapters lost, our entire library – achievements great and small, struggles, failures, awards, speeches, memorials, figureheads, heroes, Chiefs and Tribes – will be gone, back to the stardust from whence we came.


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